Numerous employee monitoring programs on the market allow you to monitor employees’ activities and work patterns. But it’s not just about getting a data that resembles that of a big brother in the work habits of its employees. Data can be used to improve your team’s productivity and overall competence.

With a time tracking tool, you get a realistic picture of the time that some projects need, which gives you the advantage of giving your customers better deadlines.

Let’s move on to a simple time monitoring tool: Work Examiner.

What is Work Examiner?

Work Examiner is time tracking software that allows you to monitor your employees’ activities during office hours. Work Examiner enables its employees to monitor time via their desktop application.

When the application runs, you monitor which websites and applications monitor your computer, what activities get displayed on the screen, and how much time it spends on your desktop. Then collect all this data and create individual reports for all employees. Your team members can also track the time spent on a particular task or project. Work Examiner adds the access time of multiple employees and tells you how long it took for the entire project to complete.

Employee monitoring functions

What exactly do your employees do during working hours? These features help you understand your team’s habits and work activities during office hours by computer monitoring.

Monitoring of websites and applications

Around 67% of employees regularly use social networks during working hours. Due to this, 13% of the useful hours go waste in a day.As employees track their time, Work Examiner monitors their website and application activity. The software also shows the percentage of the time spenton each application or website.

Capture screen

Employee Monitoring Tool allows you to capture screens of employees every 10 minutes. The screen capture feature lets you view the entire team screen on a single page.

Before using this feature, inform the staff that the application regularly creates screenshots of their work. If they are concerned about the security or the display of confidential information, you can enable the blur option of the screenshot. Blur lets you see if the co-worker is active without displaying the page content. Your employees can even view their screenshots to see the information shared.

Monitoring the activity level

Work Examiner automatically monitors employee activity using keystrokes and mouse movements. Within 10 minutes, the software monitors every second and calculates the number of seconds the user has been idle (without moving the keyboard or mouse) and compares how many seconds the mouse or keyboard has used. This comparison determines the level of activity.

If the employees have an activity level of 60% to 94%, they are on the right track. Activity levels of less than 60% indicate that the employee may be distracted at work or delay decisions.

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