If you own a two-wheeler in India, your vehicle must be insured, because without the mandatory third-party liability two-wheeler insurance you must not move it on public roads. This insurance is critical because it covers all claims for damages to third parties and their property due to your vehicle. However, getting the right insurance policy for your two-wheeler can be overwhelming at times. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your two-wheeler insurance plans:

How to Save Hours of Time while Choosing Two-Wheeler Insurance

No matter if you want to buy new insurance for your two-wheeler or change your existing insurance, a comparison of different two-wheeler insurance plans available in the market is worthwhile. We all know that the third party liability insurance is mandatory, but before you start the insurance comparison, you should consider whether you need additional comprehensive coverage.

The price-intensive comprehensive two wheeler insurance is particularly worthwhile if you own an expensive machine. The comprehensive two-wheeler insurance covers theft of the two-wheeler and also protects against the damage.

This is especially important as the consequences of an accident for a biker can be severe, not only medically but also financially. Therefore, a financial hedge using the full coverage is a sensible decision.

However, there are apparent differences in tariffs and benefits. Therefore, before making an insurance comparison, it is essential to consider the measures that you can use to reduce contributions.

Follow these steps to find the right two-wheeler insurance:

  1. To see the correct tariff, you must first enter your location code in the calculator. This plays an essential role in the classification of the local class.
  2. Then you can use the data from the vehicle registration or manual input to determine the brand, model, and performance of your two-wheeler and enter data for approval.
  3. According to your data, you must decide whether you want only the mandatory third-party liability or fully comprehensive insurance.
  4. The amount of the deductible is also set here. A no claim bonus discount also has further influence on your insurance contribution.
  5. After the transmission and receipt of the confirmation, the insurance protection comes into force immediately. You can also get advice on your desired rates with the respective provider without obligation. 

Secrets to Influence Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Plans

Two-Wheeler insurance is composed of different factors so that a blanket statement about the cost of two-wheeler insurance is hardly possible. The following framework plays an essential role in calculating two-wheeler insurance:

#1 Two-wheeler type: The insurance of a light motor or light motor controller is significantly cheaper than others.

#2 Performance class: Decisive for the contributions is the cubic capacity (CC) of the motorcycle, as the engine power.

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#3 Regional class: Regional classes are also crucial for determining the contribution. These classes are determined by the registration district or the place of residence. Absolute is the number and severity of accidents for all insured two-wheelers in that region and the amount of claims settlement costs.

#4 Type of use: The amount of the contribution also depends on whether you use the vehicle privately or commercially.

Besides the above points, you need to make sure you have the following in place:

Sufficient coverage: Ask yourself this question – are you adequately covered? Is your current insurance offering you all the coverage you need, or do you need some riders to pull through? How about a comprehensive coverage, instead? These questions will help you choose the right pan for you.

Legal protection: Even if you have taken the mandatory motor insurance policy, do you have it with you at all times? Make sure you carry a photocopy of the valid documents to produce in times of need. Prevent penalties and believe in timely renewal.

Know your inclusions: In order to figure out your two wheeler insurance plan completely, you ought to know what’s included and what’s excluded in your plan. Check with the insurance company the details of the personal accident cover, the payment terms if your bike is stolen, exclusions on depreciating elements caused due to wear and tear etc.

As you can see, it is imperative to know your two wheeler insurance plans inside-out in order to gain an in-depth understanding. Thus, you can hop online and choose a platform that provides various insurance company plans under one roof. Check out Coverfox.com and the likes to answer all your questions.

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