You must have experienced country’s best foods and music at New Orleans whenever you visited this city and obviously you have understood how people enjoy their party on any occasion. There are number of festivals celebrated by people of this city when they enjoy with their food and music.

  • French quarter festival

This is one of the festivals that you may enjoy during your food tours New Orleans which indicates the arrival of spring season. People of all ages enjoy the free music event along with many other activities. In case, you have missed it then you can visit this city during next spring season.

  • Jazz and Heritage festival of New Orleans

During last weekend in the month of April and the first weekend of the month of May, jazz festival is celebrated. Here all the biggest musical talents in the world play in front of huge crowd. You can have the opportunity to listen to well-known celebrities of music. After that it is followed with best foods that is supplied for the occasion.

  • Oyster festival of New Orleans

During this festival that takes place during first week of June there is a competition held for eating oyster in raw, fried, charbroiled or stuffed forms. You can find many cooking demonstrations during the festival.

  • Essence festival

During the month of July, the Essence Magazine conducts a 3-day festival to entertain the crowd with best African-American music and culture. This is followed by seminars.

  • Satchmo summer festival

Another summer festival which is held in April in the memory of famous jazz legend called Louis Satchmo Armstrong who was born in this city in 1901. This is a 3-day festival where you can get the opportunity to listen to various jazz performers. You will also be served with local delicacies.

  • Whitney white linen night

During the humid weather, people come in their white dress and visit the art gallery followed by delicious foods and drinks. If there is downpour then be ready to get drenched too.

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