Crowdfunding in India is an easy way to get support in raising the money by starting a campaign online from anywhere and sharing it through family and friends. We’ve realized that there are many in need and more who can and want to help therefore at, Impact Guru – one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in India – we have made medical fundraising our prime focus.

Through our platform, we try to bring together generosity and need. And we’ve seen impactful results.

Impact Guru has had a number of Medical fundraisers, some of them reaching their goals, the others weren’t that fortunate enough. Here are our top 3 successful medical campaigns:

  1. Save Little Riaa From A Dangerous Brain Tumor

7-year-old Riaa was diagnosed with a disease that shocked her family beyond belief. In August 2016, she was found to be suffering from one of the fastest developing brain tumors. She started missing her school and started being restricted to the bed.

 Riaa received radiation therapy and extensive treatment which went on for almost a year. But this did not make much of a difference as the therapy was unable to kill the cancer cells faster than they were regenerating. Riaa was soon operated and the tumor was removed, she was back on her feet.

Just five months later, her parents were terrified to see her showing similar symptoms again. This time, she had to fly to Mexico for a more effective treatment. Her parents had already depleted all their savings but couldn’t leave this last silver of hope.

They needed another Rs. 40 lakhs for her surgery and treatment, that is when they came to Impact Guru for crowdfunding.

The campaign was a success and raised funds within no time. Riaa raised Rs. 50 Lakh in just a span of 40 days.

  1. Need Help For Immunotherapy Medicines-Cancer Treatment

This is the story of Mahitha who was suffering from Hodgkin lymphoma cancer for more than a year. She underwent 18 chemotherapies and 25 radiations, cancer still stayed put. The doctors suggested her to undergo immunotherapy where she had to be injected with medication that had to be imported straight from America.

She needed to complete a course of 16 injections costing Rs. 2 lakhs each after which, she needed a stem cell transplant which costed another Rs. 5 lakhs. The family had depleted all of their savings having mortgaged their house as well. The cost of the entire treatment would come up to Rs. 40 Lakh. Her family couldn’t imagine to arrange this amount. That’s when they found out about Impact Guru.

We helped Mahitha raise funds and complete their goal amount in less than 20 days and in time for her treatment.

  1. Please Help My 8 Year Old Daughter Get A Heart Transplant

Ahanti was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy when she was 5 months old. She lived happily for 5 years with medical support when suddenly in 2016, her health started to deteriorate tremendously. She was admitted to the hospital immediately where the doctors informed that she couldn’t survive anymore without a heart transplant.

Her parents had depleted all their savings on her never-ending treatment and had no funds left for her transplant. Her transplant was going to cost them Rs. 25 lakhs. They did everything possible to raise funds but ran out of all the options. That is when their learned about crowdfunding in India and contacted Impact Guru.

Ahanti’s campaign raised Rs. 26 Lakh in 30 days.

Medical crowdfunding can help you raise money for costly treatments. India’s leading crowdfunding platform Impact Guru, which has raised Rs. 329 crores till date, has vast experience in hosting medical fundraisers. It has successfully raised money for many medical causes like kidney transplant, cancer treatment etc. via fundraising in India.

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