Sometimes we are required to spend some hours or an extended period of days at the hospital for proper medical care but merely thinking about staying at a medical center can be stressful. Nobody wants to take more trips than necessary and avoid having to repeat the experience anytime soon. It helps a lot when you can plan what to do before, during and after your stay at the medical center. Whether your stay at a Brooklyn medical center is going to be planned or unplanned, the following tips can help make you ready for it and make sure you don’t return frequently.

  • Assemble a kit: even if you think your next stay at the hospital is far away, take out time to assemble an information kit complete with all your personal and medical information. The information in this kit should catalog important fact like your medical conditions, diseases, your medications and their dosage, allergies to food and medication as well as the names and contact information for your primary health care providers and physicians.
  • Select a decision maker: select a trusted person like a spouse, family member or parent to be your decision maker in case you become too sick to do so yourself. A legal power of attorney or will should state this decision make ran d be included in the kit. Have copies of your kit to bring to a Brooklyn medical center and leave the originals at home.
  • Bring help: bring your decision maker or another advocate along to interact with medical personnel and make sure your needs are met.
  • Ask questions: you and your helper are allowed to ask questions about your health and treatment. You can ask about doctors’ appointments, test procedures, medication and reasons for procedures and medicines during your stay at a Brooklyn medical center.
  • Move around to help recovery: you can lose strength and grow weak from lack of movement during your stay at the medical center. Unless on specific orders from your doctor, get out of bed, take a stroll and move around. This will help cut down your recovery time and heal your body up quicker.
  • Look out for infections: it is safe to stay away from infections while in a Brooklyn medical center. Hand washing and sanitizing should be encouraged for visitors and IV’s and catheters should be removed after use to avoid infections.
  • Know your discharge plan: when the release is near, you or your helper can ask about your discharge plan and a discharge summary for your primary health provider. A discharge plan has information about follow up appointments, tests, and visits to your doctor that are needed.


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