A dust mask is one of the most important safety equipment you should have in your tool collection. If you’re a fire man or any emergency worker who respond to fire emergency or building collapse, then you’re sure to be exposed to dangerous smoke from wildfire and dust from collapse buildings.

Apart from that, if you work in a workshop like a wood shop and you operate machines that produce a lot of dust like a wood planer, a table saw and the rest, you’re also going to be exposed to a lot of dust. This dust can pose serious health challenge to you if do not protect yourself properly from it.

That is why it is very important that you use dust masks when engaging in the above mentioned activities. Dust masks serve as safety equipment and solutions to protect people from the dusty work environment they find themselves in.

Not all dust masks perform that task of protecting you from dust and other harmful gases very well. That is why I will be sharing with you some useful tips on how you can choose the right dust masks for use, and how to use the dust mask to protect yourself in the workshop or work environment.

The first tip you need to follow when choosing a dust mask is to choose one that has two straps that goes round the back of your head. Having two straps is very important because it helps to hold the dust mask securely around your nose. A one strap dust mask is not advisable because it can allow fine particles of dust through it, due to it not being fully secured to your face.

Another tip you need to adhere to when choosing a dust mask is that, you should choose the right size. Dust masks come in different sizes. Choosing the wrong size will actually defeat the purpose of using that dust mask in the first place.

Choose a size that just fits tightly over your nose and under your chin, so as to prevent any form of dust particle from going in through loosely fitting or small dust mask.

A wet towel is not an alternative to a good dust mask. Never work in a dusty environment or with machines that produce high amount of dust with towels fitted over your nose or mouth. They are not going to prevent dust from going into your system.

Instead choose a real dust mask that fits the requirements mentioned above, and you’ll be able to protect yourself from harmful dusts in your workshop.

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