Madrid is one of the beautiful cities of Spain. The Spanish city has many tourist attractions so plan a visit to Madrid this holiday season. The city remains quite hot in the peak vacation season that is July and August but spring and autumn are the best season to explore the city. The city has much more to see and explore so you need to plan your vacation accordingly so that you can visit the best spots in that time. This post will help you with some tips that you should consider before visiting the city.

A good map will act like a tourist guide for you. You can carry it with you and point out the destinations where you want to visit. You must visit the websites that have ample information related to the Spanish tourism and you can get to know about the places you can visit in Madrid. You can download the printable Madrid attractions map so that it is convenient for you to check out the places easily.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Visiting Madrid

  • Try to use a public transport when you are in Madrid airport. The private taxi will cost you more so it is better to enjoy the metro services. Metro in Madrid is clean, modern and has good connection. You can see that trains are frequently coming so there is no problem in visiting through a public transport and save some pocket chips.
  • In Madrid not, everyone speaks English too frequently. If you are on the central tourist spots then you will find out most of the people speaking English but as soon as you go far away from these points you will see people speaking Spanish and it becomes tough to handle them. At local shops or small restaurants, you will hardly find out any English speaker so try to learn Spanish before visiting there.
  • If you are in Madrid then rather than visiting known coffee shops like Starbucks it is better to explore the local coffee shops. These shops will offer you the best flavors of the Madrid coffee and a memorable experience. You can find out many cafés in Madrid, even every small bar and restaurant will have coffee.
  • Another thing is that you have to manage your time as some of the merchants and restaurants work according to the traditional Spanish time. The shops are closed 4 pm, so make sure you have lunch by 4 pm and dinner after 8 pm and within that period of time you can prefer to visit the museums.
  • The most important tip is whenever you plan a trip to a city make sure that you enjoy the city as a local. In Madrid you will never see a local wearing flip flops to the beach as they reserve special shoes to go out.
  • The last tip is to take care of your belongings as you can be in trouble if your belongings get stolen.

These are some important things to consider before visiting Madrid.

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