There are so many benefits to getting a Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment passport. Top of that list is the great quality of life in Dominica. The island nation in the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean is a very happy place. The business conditions are positive and there is freedom to travel. When you’re a citizen of Dominica you have even greater travel options. You can go to over one hundred countries and enjoy a visa-free trip. According to the information on NGE, you’ll not find a more attractive offer than Dominica.

You don’t have to renounce your home citizenship in order to become a citizen. Since you don’t have to live in the country to become a citizen you can do it from anywhere in the world. There are several great reasons to choose citizenship in Dominica than any other country. Some places that are close by include Guadeloupe and Martinique.

A benefit of getting a Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment passport is that it is the most affordable second citizenship to get and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It only takes two to four months to obtain and you don’t have to visit Dominica to get it. Dominica is a lovely place to visit and offers one of the lowest crime rates you’ll find anywhere in the region.

You can take a lovely trip to Dubai and see all the great structural and cultural wonders there. From Dubai you can travel anywhere, it opens a whole new world of traveling opportunities. You can go without a visa to the UK and all the Schengen States. If you’re from Dubai then you can be afforded more freedom to travel with a second citizenship. Some other countries only allow you to travel to less than thirty countries without a visa. This can make it difficult to conduct your business when traveling and take a lot more time.

Your significant other and children you have younger than twenty-eight can apply along with you for their passports to Dominica. The same is true for your parents if they are over the age of fifty-five and depend on you. If you’re doing this for your business, you can enjoy not having to pay for things non-citizens do such as foreign income tax or things like gift and inheritance. There are lots of incentive packages for business owners you can enjoy.

NGE states that the political climate of Dominica is really stable as is their currency. They use the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. It has an exchange rate of over two dollars to one US dollar. Dominica is a member of the United Nations and a well-respected country overall.

To apply for a Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment passport you can use a government fund for one hundred thousand dollars. You can also choose the option of obtaining real estate that is valued at two hundred and twenty thousand or more in US currency. You must hold the real estate for at least three years to earn second citizenship.

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