Just like any computerized device, the battery will get drained from continued use over time. Sometimes applications downloaded on the phone will make the life on the battery go out faster than normal. For the last few months, Apple iOS 11 users have been experiencing a serious drainage of their phones unlike normal. Applications run slow or not at all due to this ongoing issue. There are solutions to solve this problem and more so that your phone is fully charged and ready when you need it.

One of the quickest ways to keep your phone from staying charged are apps. Some people will attempt to operate their device when there is barely any juice left to make an emergency phone call! Yes, this is crazy, but this is how much we love our phones. Facebook is one of the quickest ways to shut your phone down. With a usage of only 10 minutes checking your messages or responding to posts can pull about 20% from your battery. Another app is Netflix, which is a matter of convenience for many subscribers. If you missed the end of your favorite show last night, it is imperative that you catch up on it while on your lunch break. This consumes your battery the most because it is always streaming. It is suggested to shut off these apps and others when not in use to help your battery.

For some reason or another, Apple phones attract battery life problems more than any other device. A lot of times, a new system takes time to get all of the kinks out so not doing anything at first is suggested. We are fixers by nature and we could cause more harm than good if we don’t know what we’re doing. You can easily check the battery’s charge by going to your settings. This can eliminate the problem and save you so much money than buying another phone. Keep a check on this every 15 minutes or so just to have a record of what’s going on. This simple DIY doesn’t take much time and gives you a way to troubleshoot on your own without calling the troops. After doing this for a couple of hours and you still have issues, more troubleshooting can be done because you now know it’s the phone and not a battery killer.

When a new phone is released, it’s hard not to play with it all day and night, testing and trying all the new features it offers. Unfortunately, this also causes a battery drainage to occur. Sometimes this may be too much for users to handle, making them adjust to going back to the previous iOS. Limiting the number of apps on your screen is helpful along with adapting to a lower power mode. Protecting your device from threats is important to the life of your phone. Do what you feel is better to keep your battery life going strong.

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