There’s lot to Snapchat than just clicking and sending pictures and videos. Snapchat was initially thought to be a sexting app with teens and young ones being the majority of its users. Slowly and steadily, it has emerged more than that.

Snapchat has features that not even its regular users are aware of. Even the seasoned users of the app do not make full use of the load of features and filters. There are frequent updates of Snapchat filter and the recent one is Snapchat geofilter. Try it out today to add an edge to snaps.

Here, we have made that task of unearthing Snapchat’s hidden features and bringing them out for you.

  • Take videos without actually using your hands

If you an iPhone user, then you can actually go hands free while recording videos on Snapchat, which is otherwise quite impossible. All you have to do is go to

Settings > General > Accessibility > Assertive Touch > Turn On. Next, you create a new gesture and that’s it, you are ready to go hands free.

  • Change your display name in a jiffy

Snapchat doesn’t allow you to change your username but you can certainly change your display name, in case you want to avoid your snaps appearing to the people you have blocked and believe me, in matter of seconds.

  • Easy enabling of the travel mode

If you are travelling and want to save the data and some money, you can use this hidden feature of Snapchat by disabling automatic downloading of snaps while you are on the go.

  • Make use of Snapchat for video and voice calls

You can use Snapchat to make video and voice calls by either sending a 10 seconds recording or by actually ‘calling’ them and use Car Villagefor finding cars online. This calling option is available within the chat options and you have to start a live chat with the person you want to make the video or voice call to.

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