It’s no secret that the vape industry is still a relative newcomer to America, but it’s fascinating to see it grow as a community founded by small businesses. From Nak     ed 100 E-Liquid to Candy King E-Liquid, each company that makes its business in vaping is championed as a small business that is making a real difference for vapers who are trying to quit traditional cigarettes.

But is the rise of small businesses in the vape industry anything to cheer about? Can small businesses be a foundation for an industry that continues to grow each year?

Yes, it’s totally possible. Between the freedom of choice and e-commerce options, small businesses are, and will continue to be, the major motivating factor in the vape industry. If you need any more convincing on the matter, check out the three things below that make small businesses king in the vape world.

Freedom From Big Tobacco

Big Tobacco is already making moves to cement its place in the vape industry, but many in the community feel it’s a bit too late for the giant to make moves to become a monopoly. It took the industry nearly seven years to make a mark in the industry, and in that time, small businesses have filled the hole Big Tobacco left.

From the inception of the industry in 2008, small businesses have paved the way for the industry in America, and the entry point was e-liquids. Many of the most popular brands and juices, like Cuttwood Vapors, were created by American small businesses, enabling the community to engage with brands and companies that understand their needs.

Small businesses provide a freedom from Big Tobacco in another huge way: by focusing on boutique flavor profiles and a greater social media reach, these businesses are creating loyal fans, ones that know that the company’s offerings are unique to that company.

Big Tobacco is a huge industry, one built on profit margins and not much else. Smaller companies have the ability to forgo huge profit margins in favor of building unique customer bases as well as products, such as e-liquids, that cater to their demographics. This is something that tobacco giants just can’t keep up with.

More Choices Means Better Business

With more choices comes more competition, and while consumers are the biggest winners, small businesses also win. Because vape companies are vying for the same demographic, they must perform better, provide quality products, and engage with their customers. These businesses perform better because they know if they can’t please their customers, another business will.

Candy King E-Liquid and Naked 100 E-Liquid are prime examples of this, providing their customers with a singular e-liquid experience. Bird Brains E Liquid by Cuttwood, a popular offering from this small e-liquid company, has a strong and loyal following, all because of the quality of the product.

Prices also play a role, but only if the quality of the e-liquid matches the price. Consumers are savvy and do their research, so businesses are encouraged to innovate their manufacturing processes in order to keep up with the demand for high-quality e-liquids.

Small Businesses and E-Commerce

Big Tobacco lost out on e-commerce far before it realized it would be a game changer in the vape industry. It’s possible that the giant didn’t realize how many consumers would go online o find e-liquids, but the damage is done and consumers are moving on.

Small businesses benefit from the rise of e-commerce simply because it allows them to offer their products directly to consumers without having to pay for brick-and-mortar shops. It also provides consumers the chance to view and compare prices from different sites, although many find a shop they love and stick with it.

As e-commerce continues to be the optimal shopping experience for consumers, small businesses are utilizing mobile-friendly shopping sites and apps to cater to their base. This enables them to move forward with their consumers and provide a shopping experience that best fits the needs of modern vapers.

Small businesses will continue to dominate the vape industry if for no other reason than most of the businesses were created by vapers themselves. This has led to a very personal shopping experience for consumers, who know and trust that the companies they engage with know the ins and outs of vaping as well as they do. In time, the vaping industry will grow and new innovations will become available. For now, however, small businesses are the heart and soul of the industry.

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