Brussels, as well as many other European capitals, can safely be called a city of museums. The way from one to another is very short, and the variety of museum expositions is so great that for every guest of the Belgian capital, there is surely an interesting museum.

To start your acquaintance with the museums of Brussels you certainly should with the City Museum, which is located in the building of the House of Kings in the central square of Grand Place. It presents collections that tell about the historical and cultural background of Brussels, from the days of the foundation of the city until today. In addition, the works of medieval artisans, archaeological and historical artifacts, old engravings and photographs are kept there. Recently, this museum also stores the wardrobe of the main metropolitan fashionista – kid Julian. The outfits of the MannekenPis are a much more impressive spectacle than archaeological exhibits.

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts

The Royal Museum is a complex of art museums, which has in its walls one of the largest collections of sculpture and art. Replenishment of the museum’s collection takes place either through the purchase of works or simply by the gifts of private individuals, which is very common in Belgium.

Museum of Natural Sciences=

The Museum of Natural Sciences presents the largest collection of dinosaurs in Europe. There is a hall dedicated to the evolution of man, as well as whales and insects. 2 thousand minerals are represented, including lunar stones and meteorites. This place obviously should be visited!


Under the steel structure of the Brussels Autoworld, located in the PalaisMondial Palace, there are more than 300 cars, the collection of which is based on the personal collection of Gislan Mai. Along with the Belgian models in Europe’s largest museum of antique cars (Minerva, FN, Imperia), their European and American counterparts coexist. The museum is divided into thematic zones: sports cars, ecological transport, micro cars, public transport, cars that once belonged to famous people, motorcycles.

Mini Europe Park

Do not forget to look at the most popular symbol of Brussels – the huge Atomium, which represents the model of the iron molecule, enlarged to billions of times. At the foot of the Atomium, there is a cozy Brypark, where children can feel like a giant Gulliver among the Lilliputians. Here is the museum Mini Europe, which contains copies of 300 famous buildings in miniatures, among which are London Parliament, the Eiffel Tower, the Acropolis of Athens.

Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate

The Chocolate Museum is created at the Choco-Story store, located near the Grand Place. The tour of the museum is dedicated to the history of the use of cocoa beans from the Mayan and Aztec civilizations to the spread in Europe, the historical and modern technologies of making chocolate. You will see large sculptures and souvenir from chocolate, bars and candies there. Culmination of the excursion program is a master class from chocolate’s master, where you can taste this delicious sweet.

Beer Museum

The Beer Museum is located in the arched cellars of the Grand Palace building, in one of the Guild Houses, which once belonged to the guild of Belgian brewers. Here you cannot only get acquainted with the process of production of a foamy drink, but also taste traditional Belgian beers.

Generally, the list of interesting museums in Brussels is longer then you can expect. For convenient movement around the city choose car rental in Brussels airport. There are best models of rental cars and acceptable prices in Brussels.

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