If you check for the best nootropics in the market, you will find names like Picamilon and Phenibut. Both Picamilon and Phenibut are known to have similar effects on the brain and are used for treating stress and anxiety related concerns. However, if you go by the chemical structure, these drugs are different. In this post, we will talk about both in detail, with aspects you need to know.

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Picamilon is similar to phenibut in terms of effects, but it combines GABA with niacin. GABA, for the uninitiated, is the most important neurotransmitter produced naturally in the brain and can offer a sense of relaxation and calmness. Picamilon was first developed in 1960s, and scientists found that the mix of GABA and niacin can help in preventing signs of stress and anxiety. Picamilon is a derivative of GABA, and so is Phenibut. However, Phenibut was developed in Russia and is different in its structure, because instead of niacin, it has an added phenyl ring to the GABA chemical structure. While Picamilon isn’t bad, many people prefer Phenibut because it doesn’t contain additional stimulatory agent. This is also the precise reason why Phenibut doesn’t have sedative effects as some of the other drugs of the same category.

Which is better?

When it comes to cognitive benefits and reducing signs of anxiety, both Picamilon and Phenibut work perfectly, although the latter is better for more complicated cases of an anxiety. Phenibut can be used as a supplement for sleep concerns, while Picamilon can make a person more alert. In short, if you want to increase your focus and mental happiness, Picamilon is better, but for anxiety and stress relief, Phenibut is ideal. As for the dosage, you will need anywhere between 250 mg and 100 mg of Phenibut per day, while the dosage for Picamilon is limited between 50 and 500 mg. If you go by the numbers, Phenibut is certainly more popular. A lot of people also use both drugs together. While Phenibut is ideal for a good night’s sleep, Picamilon works well when one needs to concentrate for work during daytime. You can try both, depending on what may work and the kind of benefits you are looking for.

However, with drugs like Picamilon, do not use other medications, especially those that can impact the CNS. Also, talk to your doctor before taking the final call on any additional nootropic supplement.

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