The number of people coming to Dubai for work and their own business setups is becoming so usual these days. Some of them come here to work and then settle down here as well.

The people who come here to work but later on decide of settling in Dubai have different legalities to fulfil in order to get married here. In order to get married and settle here, all the legal procedures must be fulfilled. If not, the marriage will not be considered legal as well.

In the case of different nationalities marriages, there are different legal procedures that should be carried out and in same nationality marriages, the legalities are sort of different. What people need to do is hire the lawyers so that they may guide them regarding GETTING MARRIED IN an easy manner.

Thinking of tying the knot?

if you are living in Dubai and are thinking of tying the knot as well, make sure that you are well aware of all the legalities.

Christian marriages

The marriages depend upon the nationality of the person. In the case of different nationalities, the people must consult with their embassies and get the information regarding the legal processes that need to be fulfilled in order to get married.

You may need your birth certificates, passports and other documents along with a couple of witnesses.  Also, note that your marriage certificate should be in English. After you get married, the certificate will get translated into Arabic language and then the documents will be verified form the courts in Dubai.

Muslim marriages (UAE nationals)

There are proper marriage sections in Muslim courts for getting married in UAE. For this, both of the applicants must be UAE nationals. For Muslim marriages, the groom should be a Muslim but the bride can be of any religion on which books of GOD have been revealed.

There should be the presence of bride’s father and if the father is not able to be present at the moment, any other person recommended by the father or a guardian can attend the wedding as well.

For non-UAE Nationals Muslim marriages

For non-UAE Nationals Muslim marriages, the applicants must have UAE resident visa or else their marriage will be considered illegal. The presence of the bride’s father is a must and there should be the presence of two more witnesses (male) with the father as well.

Legal consultants in Dubai

If you do not have so much idea about the laws and regulations in UAE, you better get the help from UAE legal lawyers. The lawyers in Dubai are very well capable of helping the people regarding the legal processes. Go to this link to find more details .

They know all the legalities which will help you in getting married without facing any sort of troubles. Make sure that you are following the rules in accordance with the laws or else there may arise a lot of problems in registering your marriage.

Also, be sure that you hire capable Dubai lawyers who are good enough to guide you about the nitty and gritty of getting married in Dubai.

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