Beginners are often unaware that observations an experienced bettor makes over the years can help him take his sportsbook. However, watching what happens in championships and other sports events every year can glean information that will help us take betting offers, to make decisions.

By observing the sports results that are common, it becomes easier to determine certain opportune moments to the taking of sportsbooks.

To help you discover these opportune moments and to bet wisely, I give you some of my observations of a pro bettor. Attention, all the same; these are only observations, which are not based on statistical facts. But this gives you a basis for thinking, and you will anticipate what bookmakers can do as a rating and therefore position yourself more quickly compared to others.

Recurrent Sports Results in Golf

It is rare for a golfer to win two tournaments in a row: There are a lot of golf competitors making the win difficult. The favorite has a rating around 8, that’s how the chances of victory are shared!

My Observations on Sports Results in Tennis

Davis Cup: For the contemporary Davis Cup, it is rare to see a team that will win two years in a row. It happened a few years ago with the Czech Republic for example, and ten / fifteen years back with Spain. But it’s scarce, but why? Quite simply, the motivation of the players who go in Davis Cup is “brief.” Once you have won the Davis Cup, the motivation to win it again is no longer there. This is what we found with Federer who made the cut a little over a year ago with Wawrinka because he had never won. Motivated, they won (although they also won because it was still two players in the top 5 world and it’s easier to win the Davis Cup like that!)

Champions League

It is very rare for a team to win twice the Champions League.

European Championships

In Spain 3 teams can win the championship, in England, they are 4 teams, in Germany, there are Bayern and Dortmund. In Italy, they are 3-4 teams to win the tournament. In France now with the hegemony of PSG that is a team that will win the championship, and you can back them up with free bets.

All these are observations, and there is a reason behind it. It’s just the clubs that have the biggest budgets. Money calls money. The teams that finish the championship championships are usually the ones with the biggest budget. This is because they have the best players and therefore better sports results.

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