Reasons to Use Urgent Care

A lot of people would rather avoid the inconvenience of looking for proper health care when they are unwell. All the time spent looking for a doctor or the agony of sitting in a hospital and waiting for hours with other sick people is just too much. Some people even feel worse after going through this process, but the importance of getting health care is still the same. There is a simpler and less demanding way to get treatment. An urgent care facility can handle treatment for cuts, minor injuries, flu, minor illnesses, immunization, x-ray, lab tests and other related medical procedures.

Rockland County urgent care has been around for years, but a lot of people still don’t know them and what they do. It is a walk-in clinic which directly translates to no appointments whatsoever. They provide medical care for injuries and illnesses that are not so serious to require emergency care. Here are some reasons why you should try them.

Prolonged hours

The problem of not having access to a doctor after working hours has been solved by urgent care facilities. You can easily find a Rockland County urgent care facility that opens on weekends and even stay after 5 pm every weekday. For even better convenience, they are open on some particular holiday so that patients always have an option when the need is pressing, and the service is hard to find. You don’t have to bear the pain of your ailment or manage it until working hours are up again, urgent care centers are available for that.

Fast care

One of the biggest conveniences of urgent care facilities is the absence of an appointment. You can simply walk into the facility and be attended to without a long process first. You don’t have to look for a new doctor if yours is on vacation or you don’t even have one. No more waiting for hours in an emergency room, you can get fast care in an urgent care facility. Even if the urgent care center you visit is busy, your total wait time would be an hour or most likely less whereas one to two hours is the standard wait time and hospital emergency departments.

Cost effective

You would find that local urgent care centers accept many private health type insurance plans. Even without an insurance cover, the cost of treatment and services is significantly lower than the regular emergency room or hospitals you are used to. Where others charge a doctor’s fee and a facility fee, urgent care centers only charge a doctor’s fee, and this is still lower than that of a hospital emergency service.

If you are in Rockland County and you need medical care, you can visit a Rockland County urgent care facility near you and have your needs met at greater convenience.

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