Personal accident insurance is a policy you can register to ensure you or your family against unfortunate events such as disability, injuries, or death that arise from the accidental circumstances.

How the personal accident insurance in Malaysia works

Personal accident insurance is similar to other insurance policies. Typically, you register for a personal accident insurance policy with a specific scope of coverage and scale of benefits, and per year to enjoy such coverage and benefits. In case an accident takes place, and death, disability or injury occurs, you or your family will be compensated with a lump sum based on the scope of coverage and scale of benefits as stipulated in the policy.

Things that a personal accident insurance cover?

Different personal accident insurance cover comes with different scale of benefits and coverage. The conventional types of coverage that feature in a personal accident insurance policy such as permanent disablement, accidental death, medical expenses, temporary total or partial disablement, hospitalization benefits, corrective surgery and funeral expenses.

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Exclusion to the cover of personal accident insurance cover

Yes, most personal accident insurance cover comes with exclusions to their cover, which may not be the same from one insurance cover to another. Typically, exclusions such as disability, injuries, and death caused by pre-existing, suicide, war, self-inflicted wound, mental or physical defect, miscarriage, childbirth, dangerous sports and assault or provoked murder as well as HIV and AIDS.

Also, some personal accident insurance covers for people in professions which are high risks such as racing drivers, pilots, drivers, law enforcement officers, aircraft testers, professional sports people, and seamen. For peace of mind, it is recommended to read and comprehend the exclusions when you register for personal accident insurance.

How insurance companies compensate you in a personal accident cover

To be compensated in case of disability or injuries, you have to submit a claim to your insurer and within the timeframe as stipulated in the personal accident insurance policy. Notably, you will have to provide your payment receipts and medical reports to support the claim. In the event of death, the nominee indicated in the personal accident insurance policy has to file a complaint with the right supporting document, including a death certificate. If there is no beneficiary, the dependents of the deceased can make a claim. However, they will have to show proof of dependency.

Tips on how to choose a personal accident insurance policy that is ideal for you

People are not the same, and so are their requirements when it comes to personal accident insurance in Malaysia. Therefore, you should always make the right comparisons before you sign up for one. The best way to make the comparison is to take review the scale of benefits, which is the number of compensations paid to the insured or his or her family under varying circumstances. Alternatively, another great way is to compare the scope of the coverage, which means the range of items for which the insured is covered, and also, the exclusions under the personal accident insurance cover.

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