Did you know that orange oil can kill termites? Orange oil termite treatment is a great preventive measure against termite infestation. Best of all, it isn’t full of poisonous compounds. Compared to chemical pesticides, orange oil does not leave behind a toxic residue. This is because orange oil fumes are harmless to kids, pets and your household plants. In most cases, it won’t cause an allergic reaction. Unlike fumigation, it doesn’t require you to leave your home. Keep reading to find out how orange oil can help you get rid of termites.

How Orange Oil Kills Termites

Orange oil termite treatment kills termites in at least two ways. D-limonene is the ingredient in orange oil that kills termites. First, concentrated fumes of d-limonene kill termites. Second, the d-limonene concentrates in wooden surfaces. Termites feed on treated wood and die instantly.

D-Limonene is known as an effective insecticide that kills many pests, including flies, ants, crickets, mosquitoes and mites. The oil dissolves the termite’s exoskeleton, which destroys cell membranes and triggers a fatal chain of events. Ultimately, the bug dies from dehydration and loss of protein.

This treatment is very effective, especially if you have a concentration of termites in one portion of your home. It can help prevent the spread of termites to the entire structure and the need for more harmful chemical treatments.

Inspect and Inject

Termite colonies are found by inspecting dry wood or using a specially trained canine to locate the colony. The exterminator drills holes in infested wood surfaces and structures in your home. Then, the orange oil is injected in the hollow spaces where termites feed. This treatment has an immediate impact on the colony. In addition, the residue remains in the wood and continues to impact any new termites that feed on the treated area. It can remain effective for three days to three weeks.

Although the majority of termites are killed by eating or coming into direct contact with the orange oil, others are deterred from feeding and starve to death. After your home or business is treated, the exterminator should check back to ensure that the colony has been wiped out and that no new infestation occurs. Regular exterminator service will identify and eradicate termites and other pests before they take over your home.

Orange Oil is a chemical free way to treat some termite infestations. Ask your termite exterminator in Alameda County, CA for more information on orange oil termite treatment. Orange oil is good for the environment, better for you and your pets and deadly to the termites that have invaded your home.


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