The New York City Energy Conservation Code consists of local laws and current Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State. By this law, all the local government energy codes must be inflexible than the ECCCNYS.

The codes are given by ECCCNYS includes 3 main points regarding:

  1. Electrical code revision included six technical committees and one managing The Technical Committee will be responsible for amendments to technical provisions of the Electrical code including wiring methods and materials, wiring protection, switchboards, signal control, power, etc. The Managing Committee is responsible for finalizing all the amendments.
  2. Prior code is applicable to the construction, modification, maintenance, replacements, removal, demolition of buildings and structures in the It consists of five sections:
  • General administrative provisions
  • Plumbing code
  • Mechanical code
  • Fuel gas code
  • Building code.
  1. Code tools: There are three code tools in New York City Energy Conservation Code for specifying different sections as:
  • Housing Maintenance Code covers responsibilities of owners, tenants, and the city to maintain health, safety, repair and maintenance of the City.
  • Fire Code: It controls rules regarding the fire safety in operation and maintenance of the buildings and establishes the design requirements.
  • Multiple Dwelling Law: It states law governing the design and construction guidelines for multiple dwelling in the state of New York. It includes prohibition and facilitation of various aspects.

The NewYork Engineers has formed various norms to provide legal services without ignoring any of the safety feature given by the New York State since the first Energy Conservation Code. The customers came to a NewYork Engineers with doubts regarding all the laws stated by the government but made a choice of choosing the best firm for their mechanical, electrical and constructional work and has been a loyal customer ever since.

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