With the increase in pollution in the environment there are a lot of health issues that we face nowadays. Cold is one of the common issues through which most of the people were suffered. The sign and symptoms of a common cold are a sore throat, runny nose, coughing, and sneezing.

Everyone take cold as normal but it is one of the most common infectious diseases. If it happens regularly than consult your doctor as it may lead to several other diseases. Canadian Pharmacy allows you to buy medicines online based on your prescription. It provides genuine medicine for so many health issues.

People still have the myth about the common cold in their mind. So, here are some myths that are common among people that must be cleared on time before any tragedy happens.

In Cold Season You Catch Cold: It is the common myth that is widespread due to the fact that normally cold happens to everyone in the winter season. People believe that the reason for their runny nose is cold air. They also consider that if they don’t dressed properly in the winter season when going outside it causes cold. This is not true, the main reason is Proximity. As in winter season, we spend more time in indoor, come in contact with coughing and sneezing more. We are close together with each other in cold is the main reason of cold.

Dairy Product Make More Cough: This is the other common myth among people. When we have a cold it is advised by everyone to avoid curd or milk. It is true that it makes phlegm thicker which is more irritating for the throat but it is not right that it makes more phlegm. Eating dairy product during cold may relief your throat but it is better to skip these things when you are suffering from cold.

Cold Turn into Flu: It is true that cold and flu both are an infectious disease but they both are caused by different viruses. So, a cold can’t turn into flu. Both have basically the same symptoms it is hard to differentiate between them. Generally, the flu is worse than a cold. Cold doesn’t lead to serious health problem it causes an only cough and runny nose. Contrary, to that flu, may have intense symptoms such as fever, body ache, and more tiredness. It is highly recommended that in severe condition consult your doctor and take proper medication.

Staying Away From Sick People: This is also the common myth among people that if you stay close to sick people you will also infected. People may also suffer from contagious diseases without any symptoms. It is totally wrong as cold is caused due to the virus. Proper vaccination is the best way to cure flu or cold.

These are the myths that still exist in the mind of people. So, be aware and neglect all these myths and take proper prescription given by your doctor. As we know that ‘prevention is better than cure’.

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