Tracking recruits, sorting their talents, and aligning them with your client’s employment needs can be an overwhelming task. Specifically, for recruitment purposes, Applicant Tracking Software is used to keep up when tracking recruits and sorts them by skill set, education, and other criteria that align with the needs of your clients.

Communication is the Key

Communication is a big factor in the placement of candidates and when centralized, everyone becomes more efficient. Access to office resources, while in the field, can mean immediate satisfaction for a client who needs someone with particular talents. Getting information from the office to recruiters becomes more effective with Applicant Tracking Software. This functionality will keep team members up to date on new recruits and client needs and will improve the placement results for your business.

Automated Job Postings

Posting jobs to the many boards available are time-consuming and applicant software can help with this task. Tracking software that will integrate with Monster, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Glassdoor, and others get your listings to everyone at one time. This saves time and assures that your job postings get as much exposure as possible.

The ability to allow candidates to view, search and apply for the positions that you have available, directly on your website, while automating the applicant tracking process will save time for everyone on the team. Applicant Tracking Software offers both of these features and more that can give you an advantage over other agencies when recruiting talent.

Integration with Social Media

Applicant Tracking Software automates connections with external tools like Bugger, Twitter feed, Hootsuite, and others and will get your job postings seen on social media, along with the job board listings. Add the ability to share on LinkedIn Groups, Facebook, and Twitter and you will know that you have cast your net as far as possible to find the best candidates for your clients.

E-Mail Marketing is Still King

The most direct and inexpensive method of contacting candidates, partners, and vendors is e-mail, making it one of the best marketing tools that you have. Tracking software that lets you automate this task along with the others mentioned will give you time to do the things that are most important to you instead of spending all of your time manually posting and reposting candidate, vendor, and partner information.

Place More of your Acquired Talent

With Applicant Tracking Software, you will be able to manage your talent with greater efficiency, giving you a higher number of placed applicants who are well suited to the positions they take.

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