If you are living in a small space and sharing it with a roommate, you can expect a few tiffs and disagreements, probably a few full-blown arguments too. You may have put in a lot of effort to spruce up your home and organized it well but the lack of space can be the source of some heartache. Your budget could probably afford a single room for rent in Hyderabad but that should never become a bone of contention between roomies.

You can use the following space-saving tips while sharing a small apartment on rent in Hyderabad with roommates and still be happy about it:

Avoid clutter: It is ok if a roommate brings in stuff that can be accommodated in their own room, but there needs to be a limit on how many items can be crammed into the common spaces. Make sure one item of similar size is removed if a new thing is being bought in. Rooms can get up filled quickly so use the “something in, something out” policy for a clutter-free home that is small yet clean.

Decide on a room’s purpose: In a home, where space is limited and comes at a premium, it is a good idea to decide the exact purpose of each room. This helps in quashing any disagreements in the future. Each roommate will then consider this fact before using it for anything other than the designated use.

Bring labels into use: It helps to keep things organized by making use of labels on cupboards, drawers and shelves. You can also allot separate drawers to each roommate so the onus of cleaning it lies with its owner. Labels help to give an organized look to a small apartment and keeps small utility items in place.

Take the minimalist approach: Plan a meeting with your roommates and decide on the kind of furniture you would want in the home. Make sure the furniture you select is not fancy and is practical for daily use.

Identify mutual and individual areas: Although you share the home with other people, you need personal space and privacy too. Make sure that no one enters a private space that has been previously demarcated, without permission. Common areas like the living room, kitchen or the restroom will have a different set of rules like keeping it devoid of personal belongings or keeping them clean dry and organised.

Maximise Storage space: A small home needs to be designed cleverly and every space should be used in a practical way. With careful storage design, it is possible to maximize a smaller space and accommodate stuff for two or even three people. Bunk Beds with built in storage areas and cabinets are great space saving ideas. The underside of the bed is a great place to store clothes etc. if your home lacks cabinets and cupboards.

Sharing space is all about cooperation and mutual understanding. You can utilize modern services like NestAway while looking for a Independent House for rent in Hyderabad and meet the right kind of roommates who can go on to become lifetime friends.

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