Even though you think that you’re sitting in your bedroom with doors closed to ensure that nobody is watching you, it’s nothing but a myth. The government has its eyes fixed on you and whenever it will want, it will reach out to you to question for crimes you never performed. Thanks, to the insecure internet browsing habits that users fall prey to various tools used by government spying on us. Here is how it’s done and how you can protect yourself from getting exposed-

How Government Spies On You

Whenever you use the internet, browse any website and make any transaction, the search engine that you trust more than anyone else, the social media sites that you think will never betray you — they all record your sessions and all the transactions you do online. The most unfortunate part is that they don’t let you know about any of this. Whenever the government brings any new amendment, it can force these online platforms to share data about you, and they’ll have no option but to obey the orders.

Now you see how all these online platforms, search engines, and social media sites cheat you over and over again without letting you know about any of this.

Can Government Track Your Internet?

Yes. The government can track your online activities on a minute by minute basis without your knowledge. So, don’t think you’re safe at all. Accept this fact as soon as possible and take appropriate actions to safeguard yourself from all this.

Normally, users are unaware of various tricks played by the government to spy on them, but as an avid internet user, you can simply know about them and take appropriate action to safeguard yourself. What you can do is install an appropriate VPN on your system and start using it every time you log into your browser. The VPN will not only hide your IP address and location but also keep all the online search engines and social media sites to detect your identity unless you want it.

So, waste no time and opt for a useful VPN as soon as possible to ensure that you don’t have to face unnecessary trouble while using the internet.

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