Despite the fact that the cells of the human body are constantly updated, every year signs of aging is becoming more. What is the cause of aging of the skin and other organs? All existing theories do not give 100% explanation of this fact.

A huge number of people around the world are interested in the question of how to stay young? The main focus in this matter is to focus on removing all harmful components from the body that destroy it. As in human society, and in the animal world, death from old age as such is extremely rare. The causes of death are diseases and the loss of the ability to coordinate muscular efforts. Therefore, the strengthening of the body and its resistance to external factors becomes an important moment in deciding how long it is to be young.

An important factor affecting the extension of youth is human activity. The more a person moves, the better all his organs and parts of the body work. Only movement promotes better circulation of blood and, accordingly, better “feeding” of muscles with oxygen. In addition, metabolic processes are improving, which facilitate the faster removal of old dead cells from the body, preventing the accumulation of so-called fatigue poisons. Old cells block the capillaries and make it difficult for the necessary tissues to enter the living tissues. In a one-year-old child, the percentage of such cells is no more than 1%, in 10-year-olds – 7%, in 50-year-old people – up to 50%.

As we see, with age, the ability to grow old only increases. In men, the age of 48 is considered to be a turning point, after which they begin to age three times faster. In women, this age is 55 years. To maximally push back the old age and stay young for a longer time, it is necessary to ensure the permanent removal of old cells from the body. To help with this, physical activities can take up to an hour every day.

The mechanism of aging processes starts after 25-30 years. The person begins to notice that he has become worse to see, teeth begin to deteriorate, there are problems with digestion and excretory system. Among the invisible visual processes, one can call the washing out of calcium from the bones, the increase in the fat content in the bone marrow (due to which the functions of the bone marrow cells decrease), the number of red and white blood cells decreases (which leads to a decrease in the blood flow rate).

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The main measures of premature skin aging of organs include:

Daily exercises that stimulate better metabolism and increase blood flow. Normal blood flow contributes to the full “feeding” of all internal and external organs. In addition, in adulthood, there is a decrease in the intake of calcium in the bone and the deposition of calcium in the connective takna. Therefore, old people have fragile bones and problems with joints. This affects the ability to fully breathe. The bone framework becomes so immobile that breathing becomes shallow and shallow. Accordingly, much less oxygen is supplied to the body. Physical exercises help to open the chest and increase lung volume. The ideal option for any person is yoga. Gymnastics of yogis provide maximum physical activity, massage of internal organs, and various breathing techniques – saturation of blood with oxygen.

Walking in the mountains. Height excites the bone marrow and increases its activity.

To stay young, you need to eat high-calorie food, rich in minerals and vitamins. The use of such food reduces the amount of food eaten, because the body gets everything you need from a small amount of food. This has a positive effect on the weight of a person, and also relieves stress from internal organs. Digestive and excretory systems are less loaded and are able to recover. Food should not be too cold and too hot. Also, with such nutrition, the organs that cleanse the blood are exposed to a lesser load. For example, the liver.

Reduce the consumption of sugar. And it is better to refuse from it as much as possible, replacing chemical sugar with natural honey and dried fruits. Pancreas does not like sugar very much.

Do not smoke. And also avoid places where people smoke. Especially bad smoking affects the skin. It becomes gray and wrinkled. In most smokers, aging of the skin occurs twice as fast as in other people.

Reduce the use of alcohol. Since the age of 50, the liver begins to age actively, so the load on it should be minimal.

Before old age, a lot to read, learn new things. Muscles of the brain, like other muscles, need a constant load. Therefore, they should be regularly trained. For the same reason, give maximum load to the senses. To visit nature, visit theaters, museums, exhibitions. In addition, a direct relationship between the state of spirituality and eternal youth has already been proven today. People who are all the time in a state of mental recovery, involuntarily program themselves to extend this state, as comfortable as possible. They live in a state that tomorrow will be even better than today. Accordingly, the body begins to work in the mode of maximum maintenance of normal life, allowing a person to be young for a long time.

For premature skin aging, it is necessary to include foods rich in vitamins A and E in the diet. In addition, it is possible to make masks from substances containing these vitamins, and also apply them from capsules directly to the skin.

Among the ways to stay young, of course, is tempering. Taking a contrasting shower helps to keep the skin young. Also, hardening trains the adrenal glands, which are responsible for the production of the hormone dihydroepiandrosterone, which relieves pain, strengthens the immune and nervous systems. The full production of this hormone prevents the development of neurasthenia.

To stay young, it is necessary to support the production of the growth hormone by the pituitary gland, which affects the growth of bones, muscles, and skin. Generation of the hormone occurs mainly during sleep. It is then that the cells of the body regenerate. Therefore it is very important to sleep the required amount of time and hard enough. In Buddhist monks, for example, the process of sleep is strictly regulated. They lie not later than ten or eleven in the evening, and get up at seven or eight in the morning. Human immunity is also restored in a dream. Not without reason, when a person is ill, he tends to sleep. Thus, the body “turns off” the person in order to restore problem areas. People who have little and bad sleep, at thirty years old, look like fifty-year-olds. Also, the production of growth hormone activates physical activity.

Active participation in excretion of old cells from the body takes a gastric enzyme – pepsin. It carries blood to various parts of the body and digests old cells, destroying those of them that are dead or damaged by radionuclides, heavy metals, nitrates, carcinogens. Gastric juice also destroys cancer cells. Young cells do not touch pepsin. Therefore, it is necessary to use pepsinominal drugs. Among them – table salt, which contributes to the production of hydrochloric acid. Stimulate gastric juices leaves of plantain, fennel, dill, pepper, horseradish, radish, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, mint, as well as fish, sea and common cabbage, cabbage, cabbage. Well in the matter of producing pepsins help pickled vegetables and fruits.

In order to be young for a long time, it is also necessary to remove salts accumulated in the vessels and the intercellular space. This is done by introducing safe acids into the body: lemon, grape, ascorbic, lactic. In this case, it is possible to accelerate the transformation of slags into salts due to all the same physical loads.

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