There are various tactics that digital marketers have to opt for in order to succeed and get desired results online. In case you are also a digital marketer and want to increase your business leads, then you have to do something that most others are not. This is the only way to stay ahead of your competition. If you’re still searching for that one tool which can help you increase conversions by 200%, then here is how you can forge ahead-

Start Tracking Social Media Conversions

Tens of millions of users spend multiple hours on a daily basis on various social media sites. Their objective is to stay in touch with their friends, keep a note of what’s going around and enjoy everything else that comes in between. On a normal day when they see any good product or service offer on social media platforms, they’re more likely to give it a try than if they get the same product/service recommendation in their email box by someone. If you want to capitalize on this behavior by social media users, then you’ve to start doing social media marketing with full force. One tool that can help you in this regard is a simple url shortener.

Next time, whenever you try to post any blog post link, product review or service explanation on different social media sites, use a good web address shortener to create a short link and post it instead of a big url.

This one trick will help you in two ways — (A) it will make the url look attractive, and (B) help you track the number of users who clicked on the url from different sites. Even though it may look normal to you at this moment, you can easily mould your online marketing strategy and check which site’s more profitable for you than others.

So, leave behind all the doubts you have about url shorteners and start using them right away for all your social media posting to ensure that no lead goes unnoticed ever.

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