Owned by the Todas and ruled by the East India Company later, Udhagamandalam or Ooty is a quite delightful tourist spot. People from every end of India and even abroad come all the way to visit this beautiful hill station couched in the bed of Nilgiri Mountains. 86 km from Coimbatore and 158 km south of Mysore, Ooty has made its name among the most visited tourist destinations in India. Its natural essence is so filled with enamouring beauty that no one can stop staring at the breathtaking ambience.

When it comes to enjoying a vacation, Ooty almost always gets the first preference. After all, it has never failed to fascinate anyone. Exploring Ooty can be awe-inspiring if one considers the following:

Eat Right: This is the first and foremost thing that you need to remember when their destination is Ooty. Indulging in street food especially if you are not comfortable with the South Indian spices is not a good idea for that may result in stomach upset. Again, stopping at posh restaurants to consume delicacies may also make you splurge all your savings. There are plenty of hygienic restaurants in Ooty at affordable prices. The place is quite renowned for white chocolate, strawberry chocolate, fudge, homemade chocolate, buns, and cakes. So, why not indulge in some guilty pleasures?

Carry the Needed Medication: Just after you have eaten a lot of tasty and yummy food, you may need to give your stomach a rest. If the situation is bad, you need to intake medicine. The first-aid kit is also essential especially for the one opting for trekking. Staying in some other place may surprise you with unnecessary and unwanted cuts or wounds or health problems; so, carrying medicines will enable you to explore Ooty more safely.

Evaluate Your Transportation: Ooty is a town under the municipality of Tamil Nadu. Thus, availing transportation is not at all a hindrance here. Connecting by road is an undoubtedly easy way. You even travel on a train with the Nilgiri Mountain Railway being the oldest mountain railway in India and even a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. The nearest airport is in Coimbatore, and the major international airport is Bengaluru.

Choose the Suitable Resorts: The resorts near Ooty deserve a special mention because of their presence during a nature-kissed ambience. For instance, Fern Hill Resort, Sinclairs Retreat, Mountain Retreat, Delightz Inn, Glynngarth Resort, Wild Planet and more are few commendable resorts near Ooty to stay in. Ooty is a place where one can stay at a luxurious resort that is budget- friendly.

Know What to Look Forward to when You Try Out Sightseeing: Nilgiri Mountain Railway is one of those few points of interest that are a fascination among every age group. Boating in Pykara Lake, a top-of-the-world view from Doddapetta peak, Stone House built by John Sullivan, the Botanical Garden is some others. When exploring Ooty, sightseeing is the most prioritised thing and so enjoy the heritage of every place to the fullest.

Be Acquainted with Ooty: Researching about the place before visiting will not only give you enough information but will help you to visit every major attraction even if there’s not much time.

Book Your Tickets from Beforehand: Another very important tip to save money and to enjoy your trip is to book a ticket from beforehand when the price is low. Flight tickets tend to be quite expensive when you’re late in availing them.

Ooty has its own diversity of scenic beauty and to engross in it, follow the tips mentioned above. You will surely have a great time exploring Ooty if you do so.


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