Countless people regard online poker to be the best card game ever made, and many love nothing more than playing this game in its online format in online casinos. You can very easily join in the lucrative fun, whether you are an experienced poker player, or not.

Find the best online poker services with an online casino hosting service such as CasinoBet. This is one of the online casino world’s leading services, and you will be able to find the online poker game that best suits your needs very easily.

Background Information


The world of online poker is undoubtedly one of the biggest pull factors for the world of online gambling, and is responsible for attracting many once potential players into becoming seasoned fans.

While the revenues of such a service were once close to $100 million in 2001 and 2002, such numbers soared to nearly to and a half billion dollars in 2005, and and continue to rise through the billions today.

This gives you some idea of how much business such a service undertakes on a yearly basis, as well as how much money the collective online poker world has to play with. Remember that with online gambling, the more money that services have, the more generous they can be with their players and customers at large.

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The Benefits of Online Poker – Something Physical Casinos do not Possess


There are plenty of upsides to playing poker online, as opposed to in a real brick and mortar casino. There are plenty of people who are very interested in playing poker, but would not be the first to venture into a real physical casino.

Physical casinos are, unfortunately, rather intimidating for many people, who are under the impression that they will lose a lot of money due to their lack of knowledge regarding navigating such complex-looking sites.

Some people may actually venture into a physical casino in search of a poker table, only to be sorely disappointed when they found that the poker tables had been removed. Physical casinos will often take out poker services, due to the fact that they will often not bring much profit, at least not as much as slot machines, which will often be what replaces poker tables.

One figure from the Gaming Accounting Firm revealed that poker actually makes a shockingly small amount of brick and mortar casinos’ yearly revenues, which turned out to be as little as 1%.

Online poker has been allowed to flourish due to the minimal overhead costs which online casinos have to pay, compared to the often staggering high overhead costs that physical casinos are forced to pay. There are also massive opportunity costs involved with running poker games in physical casinos.

It is indeed shocking to find how little faith or use physical casinos have for poker games, and how obvious the alternative is when seeking for a valuable and highly rewarding service to play online poker in. Take care, and have a lot of fun!


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