Millions of people suffer through the battle of weight loss with traditional diet and exercise.  This is often done without the desired results.  There is a confirmed method of weight loss that is safe and guaranteed to give you the improved body that you deserve.  Gastric sleeve in Houston ensures a 65%-70% weight reduction in just one year of the procedure.

This is a gradual weight loss, so there is no danger of losing weight too fast.  The procedure is done in a medical facility by a Bariatric Surgeon.  The process takes only a short time and the recovery time is quick.  You will be allowed to go home the same day as the surgery, and may return to work or other activities in as little as two to three days.  With the gastric sleeve surgery, the surgeon cuts the stomach down until it looks like a sleeve and this allows a small amount of food to be ingested at a time.  Instead of your stomach looking like a kidney bean, it is now in the shape of a banana.  You will eat, but not as much.  You will feel full quicker, so the habit of over eating is eliminated.  If you are constantly struggling with unsuccessful diets and exercise programs to help you lose weight, consider gastric sleeve weight loss surgery.  The Bariatric and Weight Loss Surgeons in Houston are available to discuss this possibility with you.  They will give you all the details you will need to make this wise and conscious decision.

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There are three weight loss surgeries available to people who need to lose excess weight, but the gastric sleeve surgery is the more permanent procedure, and it also requires less maintenance.  Once your body adapts to its new healthy way of eating, your entire lifestyle can change.  Most obese people are not as active as they could be, and sometimes shy away from the prospect of doing physical activity.  Now that you have had the gastric sleeve surgery, you will automatically want to be more engaging in social activities, sports, and many more healthy ways of being actively involved.

The Bariatric and Weight Loss Surgeons in Houston stand by their patients even after the surgery.  They are there if you have any concerns or issues with the procedure. For as long as you need them, or until the desired weight has be lost.  After that time, only annual checkups are needed.  For the female that may want to get pregnant, gastric sleeve surgery has no effect on reproduction.  You will enjoy the pregnancy and not worry about the baby weight that is gained.  This too will come off easily.

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