With the usage of links, the size of the links is getting longer. These links are no shorter and some of these links can cover a whole page. Forgetting the right side of the internet it is needed to get the short url to make sure that you can easily use the link anywhere you want. There are various service providers like capsulink.com who can easily provide the service for low-cost link shortener. With the use of this, you are able to promote the link and get more people to visit. There are many things which bring more benefit to a website using short url.

  • SEO-Friendly: All the search engines are SEO optimized and they always work on keywords. The short url also acts as a keyword. The branded url shortener brings this benefit and you will certainly enjoy it more. With the name as a brand on the url will make the url more user-friendly and people will always remember it. The keywords are already present in the contents of the article but with the benefit of having keywords on url will get more visitors. Any search engine will likely to display the page on its top pages.
  • Checking of views and clicks: This is one thing that many do not know but with the links, the service providers can easily give the result of a number of visits your website is having. People will be clicking the short url and this will help you to know from which place the people are coming from. Promotion is always needed and should be done in an effective manner. With this, you are able to make a proper strategy of where and what kind of promotion should be made. It’s all about competition and you should be on the field with all the proper tools.
  • Having a professional look: Whether your website is new but soon a time will come when you will attract major viewers. Some of these viewers only like those websites which know what they are doing. This is where the professional look comes in and it has to be maintained. If in case they find that you are having bigger url and you are using it every time then they will start losing interest and surely leave the page. It’s necessary that this thing should not happen and the running of the website should be smooth and clear.

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