Starting a business strategy in Singapore is the most successful method for those who want to enhance the business.  Likewise, it is very important to understand the positives and negatives of starting a business in Singapore. In Singapore, creating a private limited liability company is the most common method to run a new business. Are you planning to register your company in Singapore? If so, register in A1 Business is the easy and best way to enhance your business.

Why choose Singapore?

Singapore is a perfect location for global businesses. Strong trade and investment make Singapore the most aggressive country and the perfect place to do business. By situating your location in here, your company benefits from the following things like, +

  • Singapore’s overall network of about 50 complete Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements
  • Singapore is mainly well suited for free trade agreements and the Investment Guarantee Agreements.
  • Protection for your ideas and innovations

Benefits of registering in Singapore:

  • Limited liabilities
  • Separate legal identity
  • Business credibility
  • Tax benefits
  • Flexibility in raising new capital

Complete Step Guide for Singapore Company Registration:

  • Choosing a business structure in Singapore

Among other countries, it is the most sophisticated and flexible business entity across the globe. In order to choose a company in Singapore, you need the following facts,

  • At least 1 investors
  • Executive manager (may be a citizen, permanent resident, EP holder or Dependent Pass holder)
  • Company secretary
  • Initial paid-up capital share at least S$1
  • A physical Singapore resident or office address
  • Choosing a business name in Singapore

This is an important aspect because an appropriate web address is must for all business growth. For example, .com, .org or any other extensions will depend on your objective of the market strategy. Therefore, it is better to avoid choosing the same or identical name of any active company as it might direct to legal difficulty in future.

  • Choosing a Company’s Business Activities in Singapore

A1 company formation in Singapore strictly use and follow the Singapore Standard Industrial Classification Code (SSIC) 2015 to select the business activities in Singapore.

  • Set up a New Company in Singapore

Capital share of the company is the total number of shares active in the company multiplied by the supposed value of each share. It may increase troubles in future reference. Thus, it is an important fact to put a proper shareholders agreement to avoid future troubles.

  • Getting the Licenses and Permits for a New Company in Singapore

The A1 virtual office includes financial services and the sale or lease of housing properties. This needs in place of supplies of goods and services in Singapore.

After your incorporation a business or a company in Singapore, are transfer to tax payments on profits derived in Singapore. The corporate income tax rate fixed at 17 percent since 2010.  We will guide you while you focus on increasing your business marketing strategy and establishing the existence of your company in the market.

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