Malaysia is an intriguing place to visit. You can experience a variety of cultures in this place. You have an overwhelming Islamic influence along with a healthy mix of Hinduism and Buddhist cultures. Exploring Malaysia at its best exposes you to these different cultures. We shall look at some beautiful places to visit in Malaysia along with your friends and family. These places should find a mention in all Malaysia tour packages. The best thing to do now is to apply for a Malaysia visa and embark on the exciting tour.

Let us look at some exciting places to visit in Malaysia.

  • Tasik Kenyir – Terengganu

This is the largest artificial lake in the whole of Southeast Asia. This is one of the best places in Malaysia to go fishing. You can witness some beautiful waterfalls as you go deep into the lake. This is one adventure off the beaten path. If you love to go for boating, the still waters of the Tasik Kenyir are the right places for you.

  • Rainbow Waterfall – Sungai Lembing, Pahang

Nature never ceases to throw up exciting adventures. The Rainbow Waterfall gives you a heavenly experience of watching a rainbow from close quarters. Normally, rainbows are common with waterfalls, but there is something special about this rainbow. This is one of the most consistent rainbows you will ever see. The best part of visiting this place is that this place is easily accessible.

  • Taman Negara – Pahang

One of the best rainforests in Malaysia, Taman Negara can offer you a great respite from the normal routine. This is Malaysia’s oldest national park and the home to a large variety of animals like the Malaysian tiger. The highlight of the trip to the national park is the canopy walkway. You get a chance to look at the magnificent trees from a considerable height. This enables you to literally have a bird’s eye view of the forest. This national park has facilities to have overnight camping and watching the animals at night.

  • Tioman Island

You find this island on the East Coast of Malaysia. In fact, this island is very close to Singapore. This is as virgin an island as you can get. There is very little development in the area. This explains why the accommodation and diving facilities are cheap here. You have a lot of beaches in the area, some of them secluded whereas some of them are very busy. A speedboat is the right way to get to this island. Explore the possibilities of having a hike through the jungle as well.

  • Selangor

One of the most developed states in Malaysia, this state has a lot of theme parks including an indoor snow park. You can find the National Zoo in this state as well. Shoppers would love this place a great deal because of a large number of malls all over the place. You can find one of the largest hotels in the world, ‘The First World Hotel’ having a whopping 6118 rooms.

The Batu Caves with the magnificent gold statue of the Hindu God, Murugan is a big attraction. This place sees a lot of Indian visitors. The cruise on the river in Kuala Selangor is the best opportunity to witness a lot of fireflies. In addition, you have a Formula One racing track as well.

  • Malacca

Malacca is the best place to go for the tourist with a cultural inclination. UNESCO has declared this city as a historical site. You have a lot of museums in this city to showcase the cultural heritage of this colonial state. You experience a feeling of relaxation in this city, away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities in Malaysia. This place is closed on Tuesdays. Hence, you should plan your trips accordingly.

  • Endau Rompin National Park – Johor

Malaysia has some of the best rainforests in the world. One such rainforest cum national park is the Endau Rompin National Park. You have exquisite waterfalls, caves, and a lot of fauna and flora. In addition to the waterfalls, you have a lot of rapids as well. The best part of all this is that the National park is just around 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur. This is as close you can get to Nature as possible.

  • Legoland – Johor

You have seen some beautiful natural rainforests in Malaysia. It is now time to switch over to some manmade places of interest as well. Legoland is a theme park worth visiting with your family. Children love this place a great deal. Of course, everyone would enjoy the water rides. This place is extremely close to Singapore. The best part of this theme park is that the park is entirely made out of Lego.

  • Sipadan – Sabah

Malaysia has some of the best sea waters in the world. Sipadan is one place where you find some absolutely clear waters. Rated as one of the best places to dive around, this place has a lot of corals and more than 3000 species of fishes and other marine life. This is a virgin island as it has not yet attracted a lot of tourist. However, it will not take much time for the tourist flow to pick up.

  • Gunung Mulu National Park, Miri, Sarawak

The Malaysian part of Borneo is a beautiful place to explore. This is the perfect location to escape to from the hustle and bustle of the cities. People interested in rock climbing or exploring the hidden wonders of nature would love the Gunung Mulu National Park. You can enjoy a wide range of plant and animal species. Exploring the cave systems in this part of Borneo is a great adventure.

You have just had a look at ten unique locations in Malaysia. This is possibly the best way to explore the natural beauty of Malaysia. This should convince the tourist to apply for the Malaysia Visa as quickly as possible. You should definitely be exploring this aspect of Malaysia by including them in your Malaysia tour packages.

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