Running a business is a constant balance between cost-effectiveness and business goals. You don’t want the bottom line to change your identity, but sometimes you need to cut costs. In hospitality, this razor’s edge will determine every part of your operations, all the way down to the hotel blankets you choose. The traditional choice for blankets is down vs alternative, and this quick guide can help you decide which is the better fit.


Why do we use blankets in the first place? The initial and primary purpose of your blankets must be regulating temperature. Whether you choose down or alternative will mostly depend on your climate. Down is almost always warmer than alternatives, so if you regularly operate in chilly weather, then down has its appeal. If, however, you supply lodging in the warmer parts of the country, down might immediately disqualify itself. It’s tough to justify such a warm blanket in the heart of Phoenix, for instance. Also remember that you can have a mix of blankets. Down comforters can be supported with cotton or polyester blankets that let guests use or discard whichever blankets get it just right.


Assuming daily temperatures have not made this decision for you, the next concern is money. Ordering in bulk, you can find comparable prices of either type. The real money comes down to maintenance. Synthetic and alternative blankets come with a wide variety of care needs, but down is not renowned for its ruggedness. On average, alternative blankets will save bundles of cash in care costs. That said, high-maintenance blankets can still net profits in some circumstances.


Aside from thermal properties, presentation is the other major reason to consider high-end options. Down has a long association with quality and elegance, so if you’re pushing for that top-of-the-line feel, then it might be worth getting the down stuffing. If you aren’t looking for top quality, then there is little reason to stray from alternative. The overall cost margins are sure to be better. This is especially true because stuffing has little impact on the overall aesthetic of your blankets. Surface fabrics, colors, designs and general visual appeal are diverse regardless of what insulating the hotel blankets.


If you just want to let numbers talk, your final equation is easy. Compare the expected impact of customer satisfaction dependent on your blanket choice to determine how much profit the better blanket is worth. Subtract from that the cost of supplying and maintaining that blanket to see your net benefit. Whichever has the higher number wins.



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