Picturesque flower fields, windmills, the famous Dutch cheese, the artwork of Van Gogh – all these comes to mind while remembering the Netherlands. There are a lot of possibilities for a holiday here, so it is simply impossible to mistaken about the time of a visit to Netherlands.

Let’s look at what you can do with a car rental Amsterdam in the Netherlands at different times of the year:



Dutch tulips are the pride of the whole country. Take astroll through the Keukenhof National Park – one of the country’s most fantastic sights. The end of March is the opening time of the tulip season, which lasts until the last numbers of May. Here you can also see greenhouses with hyacinths, narcissuses, orchids, azaleas and much more.

In addition, many national, religious and public holidays take place in the springtime, participation in which allows you to learn the life of the country from within and bring a lot of photographs and original souvenirs from the holidays.



In the period from May to June, the Northern Riviera is decorated with spectacular sand installations, prepared by professional artists. Beach vacation in the Netherlands coincides with the period of mass holidays and finishes in the middle of June to August, providing vacationers with various opportunities for different sports in addition to beach rest.

Festivals of dances, carnivals and youth music bring some highlight to the relaxed rhythms of calm summer life. In addition, the refined ears of connoisseurs of Brahms and Beethoven are graced by the long-playing festival of classical music and the operatic art of Robeco.

Summer activities in the Netherlands are traditionally linked with cycling, trekking, sailing, fishing and horse riding.



Before cold autumn months, September inspires fans with bright autumn colors and landscapes. For many, the autumn flower festival in Aalsmeer serves as an argument for the trip. Funny fairs and informal holidays won’t make you bored.

When the weather conditions are awful, it is recommended to make an excursion in October to the largest tourist cities and museums. Museum tours to the Netherlands in this time are designed for aesthetes who enjoy art far from the hustle and bustle. Turns to museums are little, and the access to the exposition is not blocked.

In the last days of October, the best riders of Europe demonstrate their skills on the battlefield of the indoor equestrian center MECC. On parallel platforms, the intrigue of the prestigious dressage competition Hoefslag Dressage Cup and Tinello Dressage Cup unfolds. In the intervals between the races on the territory of the complex, there is a fair of souvenirs and performances of artists.



Severe winters are like terra incognita for the inhabitants of a carefree kingdom. Despite the depressing drizzle and slush, winter in the Netherlands cannot be bored. In late December and early February, the triumphant element of fairs and carnivals splashes on the streets of the cities. Another attraction is the all-season gardens of Appeltern in the interfluves between Maas and Vaal, where the works of fashionable landscape designers are exhibited all year round.

Do not discount the favorite winter fun of the Dutch – skating race. Rush along the mirror of the ice-bound canal in Kinderdijk park past the slumbering windmills – and the chase of the champion at the finish stretch will overwhelm you!

However, if you just want to go around the city and see its main attractions, with a rental car in Amsterdam, you can do it at any time of the year!

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