There are many road transport companies on the market. However, not all are capable of carrying dangerous goods by road. Know that they are required to meet many standards when loading, unloading and stacking hazardous products. These norms vary according to the class to which they belong. To choose the right business, it is vital that you ask yourself five questions. These questions will guide you to the best logistics provider, according to your expectations.

Does the Company have Suitable Road Transport Vehicles?

The company you choose will have to comply with the inspections imposed by the authorities of its fleet of vehicles:

  • Tractors and container vehicles must encounter yearly review.
  • Tank trucks and tank-containers must perform the following inspections: initial, annual, after three years and after six years of use.
  • Container-tank vessels: inspection before use, after one year, after 3 years and once the five years of use have been completed.

Are their Staff Trained in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods?

Be aware that it is essential that the personnel in charge of loading, stacking and unloading the dangerous goods is trained. Indeed, as you know, for safety reasons, some don’t load and unload hazardous products like any other type of goods. There are also many pieces of training to prepare operators and carriers to safety standards for the transport and handling of these products.

Besides, your logistics provider must rely on a security advisor within his team. Its leading role is to ensure that no risk is incurred and that safety standards are respected.

What Fare Does it Offer Per Trip?

As a general rule, the transport supply offered by logistics companies for the transport of dangerous goods is a full truckload (or full load), which is carried door – to – door.

This type of transport offer assumes the assumption of your goods right out of your warehouse, and therefore a higher price.

Note that it is always interesting to ask your logistics provider a grid of all its rates. So you can evaluate all the options available to you to pick which suits you best.

As you will have seen, the transportation of dangerous goods is not something that happens in a snap. Here is a global transport logistics company to help with your queries.

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