It’s funny but most of us have forgotten how complicated it was a few years ago to find a person if we did not know their phone. However, the arrival of the Internet has made things much easier in that sense, since as we use certain services we leave a trail in the network without realizing it. Finding a person online can be much easier, but we will also need to know what tools can help us and what tricks we can use to find someone quickly.

The truth is that being able to find a person online has its advantages, but it can become a double-edged sword if what concerns us is privacy and privacy, therefore, knowing how we can find a person online, It can give us an idea of ​​how to protect our data if we do not want it to be easily found on the network. Although we already showed in his day how we can find someone’s email address to contact him, we will see how to find a person online using different online tools.

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Google helps you find a person online

Surely the first thing that comes to mind when we want to find a person online is to put your name directly in the Google search engine. In this case, the more concrete we are in our search, the more likely we are to find that person. That is, if we can specify your name and surname, city where you live or work and even something that stands out and can be a filter to differentiate you from other people with the same name, will help us find that person more easily.

In addition, we can use the tools offered by Google itself to refine our search, either by putting the name and surname in double quotes to return only the results of both terms together or the ability to search a specific site.

– How does the retention of Internet metadata affect our privacy and where is it legal?
– How does the retention of Internet metadata affect our privacy and where is it legal?
– Find a person online through social networks

Undoubtedly, the fact that today more and less who makes use of some of the most popular social networks, makes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, among others, become one of the first sites to find a person over the Internet. In this case, Facebook can be one of the best tools, since it is perhaps the social network that most people use and that allows us to search for people by name, city or even among friends of our friends.

Although when someone creates a profile on social networks may use some nickname, which makes it difficult to find if you indicate your name and surname, we can always search among the friends of someone in your environment. That is to say, we can find a person by Internet searching for him by his name in the different social networks, and even to look for him among the friends of someone who we intuit can be his friend on Facebook.

Other services that can help you find a person online

There are some websites specially designed to help you find a person online. In this sense Pipl is one of the most popular or known, but if someone does not know, allows you to find someone from your name and the city where you live. Based on these data, Pipl is able to gather information from different sources, such as different social networks and make the task much easier, since we will not have to go one at a time doing individual searches. Once the search is done, it is possible to filter by more specific locations based on the results and even by age.

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