In order to find Best places to sip Indonesian Coffee, you not always need to spend much budget. Even in capital city like Jakarta, you can still search some of coffee shop which offers affordable price. In fact, coffees have become favorite drinks of Indonesian people besides tea. Most of Indonesian people tend to drink coffee in the morning before doing work, or in the night for doing extra work. Therefore, you can easily find place which sells local coffee almost everywhere. These places can be your reference to visit, as that place specializes in local coffee with local budget.

  1. Tuku Coffee Shop

Located in Cipete St. no. 7, this place offers cheap best place to ship Indonesian coffee. You can enjoy coffee only for 10,000 rupiah or $1. The popular coffee namely Kopi Tetangga or literally means neighbor coffee. You can enjoy drinking coffee in its traditional and antique place, or just grab and go. Even with cheap price, this place also offers many variant of coffee with variant price, but under $10. Quite unique, isn’t it? You can also try some local snack and dessert like local donuts, lumpia, and so on.

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  1. Kopimana

This coffee shop is located in Tebet, South Jakarta, and very famous place to hangout among youngster. There are many coffee variant like Arabica, Cappucinno, Latte, and so on. You can also try local coffee which are given name with unique name like Dangdut (local Indonesian music) coffee and coffee made by wife. The coffee price range from 20,000 until 30,000 rupiah, or around $2-3. Besides coffee, this place also offers any variant of pasta and snacks.

  1. WoodPecker Coffee

This coffee shop located in Melawai, and offers coffee and meals with Western style. Even so, this place known to offers coffee with cheap price from $3. Even though mainly it served Western foods, this place also offers local coffee and some local foods too.

  1. Hoi Cofee

This place is located in Rawamangun, and offers many variant of coffee with price $2-3. This place have very simple interior and room design, and not very luxurious like other coffee shops. Even so, this place offers delicious coffee, other beverages and meals in low budget with delicious taste. You can try this place to associate with local people, communicate with them and have the feeling like locals enjoying their coffee.

  1. Kopi Manyar

Located in Bintaro, this places offers many beverages specialized in coffee with cheap prizes. This place also offers chocolate, green tea, smoothies, and other snacks like sandwich and so on.

Those are best place to ship Indonesian coffee with affordable prices that you can to try. Most of local people come to those places to have peace time in enjoying their coffee. Those places are also very popular among youngster in Jakarta as hangout places and to capture moment, then post it on their Instagram. You can also try the sensation of shipping coffee with local taste and atmosphere. Besides coffee, you can also try some local refreshments and snacks before or after doing your activity.

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