In case, you reside in England, you would be conversant of the Bonfire Night display celebrated on fifth of November. People would take time out to visit the various Bonfire Night display areas, despite the shivering cold climate in the region. However, it would be highly disappointing if the Bonfire Night display offered average fireworks. You should search for the best Bonfire Night displays near you in the UK region. Stagecoach, which is a national bus operator, would help you visit the best Bonfire Night displays near you with affordable bus fares. You would be able to visit the best Bonfire Night displays around the region without the need to burn a significant hole in your pocket.

Exploring the history

The Bonfire Night displays commemorate the failure of the plot prepared by one Guy Fawkes to assassinate King James I along with the entire Parliament. He was motivated by religion that by assassinating the entire Parliament along with the reigning Monarch, he would be able to restore the Protestant England to Catholic religion, in which he had faith. However, the plot to bombard the Parliament with 36 barrels of gunpowder placed in the cellars of the Parliament failed. The supporters of the King read the letter handed to a known person from one of the associated of Guy Fawkes warning the known person to stay away from the Parliament. It led to the capturing of the plotters and their execution.

Finding the best Bonfire Night displays

A number of places would offer the best Bonfire Night displays with remarkable fireworks and bonfires. Among the several places, the most popular in the region would be Southwark Park in London, George V Park in Edinburgh, Saltwell Park in Gateshead, Woodhouse Moor in Leeds and Seaham in Durham. These have been some of the destinations where you would witness the best Bonfire Night displays.

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