When you hear from different sources that steroid supplements can offer wonderful results for your body, you will surely look for sources that can help you find the right steroid for your usage. Even though you will find many sources that can help you understand everything about the first time steroid usage, it is suggested to do enough research before finalizing any steroid for your usage.

Right Steroids for the First Timers

If you are a first timer for the steroid usage, it is strictly suggested to start with something that your body can handle. The most suggested steroid for the beginners is testosterone. Testosterone is actually a hormone that is produced naturally produced in the body of people.

Testosterone is usually stacked with some other supplements for experiencing the right results. However, the testosterone cycle is the right cycle for the people who do not have any experience with steroid usage, without stacking it with any other supplement. You can go with many forms of testosterone supplement such as testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthate, testosterone propionate, and some other forms of testosterone.

Some other steroid supplements that are best suited for the first timers include winstrol stanozolol, anavar oxandrolone, sustanon 250 or the forms of deca durabolin such as nandrolone decanoate dexadur 350. No matter what steroid you choose, it is strictly suggested to go with a test run and check whether your body is compatible with the supplement or not.

Suggested Dosage

The right dosage of testosterone for people with beginner steroid cycle is about 250mg to 500mg on weekly basis. You can continue the dosage for about 12 weeks, but without altering the dosage cycle. For post cycle therapy (PCT), you can stop the cycle and let the body produce testosterone at natural levels. This will help your body to reset back to its normal working mode. You can again start the steroid dosage cycle after 3 weeks, with 20 to 40mg on daily basis.

While speaking about steroid usage, you can never come to a conclusion that there will no or minimal side effects to your body, from the steroid usage. If you follow the suggested dosage by your physician, along with the suggested diet strictly, then you will less likely to experience any side effects. However, it is not right to increase the dosage just to experience the results as early as possible, especially when you are first time user.

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