The experience while on substance abuse treatment program is considered by some as a grueling one. But did you know that you have to pass this stage for you to move forward to recovery? However, programs vary and this is due to unique individual needs. Discussed below are things you need to know about alcohol abuse rehab. 

Detox Program in Brief

As the body ceases to take in alcohol, withdrawal symptoms appear which makes it unbearable for the patient. Once the body is used to alcohol intake, it takes bravery to overcome it. But although you think you are in control of the situation, your body is not; that’s why you need to seek detox help. 

A detox program does not involve treatment but it is highly considered as an essential step recovering addicts must take in order to get better. This phase is challenging as it can provide support as you go along your withdrawal stage. 


Symptoms may vary from person to person. Some may suffer from anxiety, hallucinations, sleeping problems, and shakiness. Some may experience consistent changes in their blood pressure, hallucinations, depression, and delirium tremens, which can be life-threatening. 

Withdrawal itself is crucial. Success depends on how patients look at the program provided them or follow the rules. Although milder addiction is easy to cure, severe alcoholics may not stand the program due to varied symptoms they exhibit. In such case, mental and medical treatment is recommended. Some detox programs can last weeks, and to the extent, more than that. Symptoms may hit the worst within the next 24 to 48 hours. 

The Detox Process

Patients are evaluated by a detox team to know what support is good for you. Here are things you would undergo: 

· Analysis of your health history

· Analysis of your drinking history

· Blood chemistry

· Physical and mental check-up

A detox program aims to help you get back on track physically and mentally, aside from learning how you can break free from your addiction. 

Types of Available Programs

The two basic options for alcohol abuse rehab are inpatient and outpatient programs.


This is a live-out program option and may be good for milder cases like when your health is normal, problem drinking history is not as long compared to severe patients, and you have a stable home. It’s just like visiting the doctor and getting medicines. 


Inpatient requires patients to stay in a detox clinic, a rehab center, or in a hospital while enrolled in a program. This option is helpful for severe alcohol recovering addicts as care is available throughout the day or whenever you need it. This could cost you more compared to outpatient care due to a wider range of service facilities offer. 

How to Choose

Options for alcohol abuse rehab are always there for you to choose. You just have to present your case to a certified medical professional for proper analysis, choose a facility that suits your withdrawal issues, and look at the programs available. Selecting the best can lead you to better chances at recovery and long-term sobriety. 

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