Before signing a phone contract, you must know what you are getting into. Phone plan companies often use a language that an average individual may find confusing, so it is crucial for you to know the proper questions you should ask a service provider. This way, you can determine the best phone plan for your needs.

Here are the most crucial questions to ask to ensure a great deal:

1. What areas does your network cover?

Before committing to the phone plan provider for the next year or two, you must check the coverage of the network first. Make sure that there is great coverage in your local area and other places you often go to. You can ask the provider to give you a coverage map.

2. How long is the contract?

Phone plan providers vary in terms of the duration of their postpaid plans. Some have a lock-in period of 12 months while others offer 24 months. So make sure to ask how long the contract will be.

In addition, ask if they offer a trial period. This will give you enough time to take their service for a test run before finally deciding to sign a two-year contract.

3. What is the total cost?

It is crucial for you to work within your budget. You don’t want to be always stressed out figuring out where to get cash to meet your bills each month. So you must plan how much you can afford to pay and opt for a phone plan that reflects the same. If the total cost is too high, consider negotiating or looking for a more affordable option.

In line with the total cost, you should also determine your monthly limit for SMS messaging, call minutes, and data. If you intend to use your phone for browsing your social media accounts, consider purchasing an adequate data plan.

The same is true if you want to use your phone overseas. You must ensure that your plan includes sufficient International roaming service.

4. How much are the overage charges?

Despite being aware of your monthly limit, you can unknowingly go beyond it. Thus, you must know how much you will be charged for every minute, text message or MB that goes over what your postpaid plan allows.

5. Is there a penalty for early repayments?

There are phone plan providers that penalize their clients for repaying their contract early, so make sure to ask your service provider if they are one such provider. If they will charge you for early repayments, you can opt to either not pay early, or look for another service provider.

6. Can the phone contract be canceled?

Despite doing research, you cannot guarantee that everything will work out well with your phone plan provider. That’s why it is good to know what will be involved when you cancel your contract early. Some companies won’t allow early cancellation unless you pay the total balance of your contract.

7. Do you have an upgrade option?

The phone industry is growing rapidly, with new phones being released annually. So it would be wise to work with a phone service that grows with you. Ask the service provider if they offer an upgrade option. If yes, ask further how complicated it would be to get new mobile phones and how much that will cost.

But if there is no upgrade option, consider looking for another service provider, especially if you want to avoid being left behind by mobile technology.

8. Is the smartphone locked to your network?

Phone plans often include a smartphone which can be locked to the network. If the phone is locked, you can’t use it with another network. So make sure to clarify this with the network provider.

Also, ask how much it will cost if you want to unlock the phone. For most plans though, the phone will automatically be unlocked once the contract is over.

9. How excellent is your customer support?

If anything goes wrong, who will you call? A reputable phone plan provider will refer you to a customer support team that is available for 24 hours. Make sure to know how exactly you can contact their support staff when you need to. Also, ask if they provide on-site support.

Indeed, there are several important questions you must ask a phone plan provider before signing a contract. Never get a phone deal with your eyes shut. Instead, perform thorough research and ask these aforementioned questions on how to get a line to obtain the best phone deal possible.


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