Online crowdfunding platforms began sprouting in India when social entrepreneurs realized that while there are countless nonprofits organizations working towards a large variety of causes, there are also millions of Indians who are willing to give to them. What stopped them was a safe, secure and convenient online donation platform where stories could be told and heard.

The industry now serves thousands of NGOs that can now tell unheard stories and grow concern among the people. Crores of rupees have been donated over the recent years to platforms like Impact Guru that help NGOs make a difference. Rising healthcare costs that push lakhs of households into poverty has led crowdfunding to include medical causes under its wing. Over 50% of funds raised on platforms today are for patients of chronic illnesses like cancer and organ failure.

Crowdfunding India lets you collect contributions of all sizes from a large number of people to fund your project or cause. How large that number is depends on how concrete your idea is your strategy to attract people and the kind of effort you put in to reach out and spread the word.

We studied how successful campaigners did it!

  1. Don’t make your fundraiser a one-man-show. The results a fundraiser yields is directly proportional to the number of campaigners working to promote it! So get your family and friends just as involved as you are, and give them all strict goals to meet. Impact Guru saw a fundraiser that had over 120 people working actively to promote it, and they met their goal of Rs 8 lakh in just one day!
  1. Make sure every donor shares your fundraiser page with a note on why they support your cause across social media, especially Facebook and Whatsapp. Personal validation is a highly effective way to promote a story and find donors. Draft a short message for their convenience.
  1. If you have contacts that are unwilling or unable to donate, insist that they still share your crowdfunding India campaign across their social media networks. Let them know that a single share can get you over five new donors!
  1. Don’t forget to make a distinct call to action at the end of your fundraiser story. If you don’t actually ask your readers to make a donation, they may not know what kind of support you’re looking for. Don’t be shy to ask for money. It’s for a cause you really care about. In fact, you’ll be surprised to see how many of your contacts will care as well.
  1. Use imagery! Your readers may be moved by a great story, but to help them make a real connect to your fundraiser and relate to the cause, you need to use pictures and even videos if you have the resources to create one. Take time out to click pictures of your project as it progresses, of the people you’re impacting and of work as its being done!
  1. Post updates; and ask existing donors to share them. Besides keeping donors in the loop, updates of progress are also a great way to convince donors that may have been hesitant earlier. Sometimes, you’ll need to show your audience what you’re capable of.

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