Not all students are born with extraordinary learning capabilities. It is a skill that is developed over time with a lot of practice and doing certain things the smart way. However, each student learns at a different pace, and they also tend to interpret information in their own way depending on their study habits, their personality and their social environment.

While it is essential for most students to study and perform well in the exams they can do so only by developing better study skills. How can this be achieved? Well, the first and foremost criteria include students developing a better mindset and a positive attitude. Additionally, students should be fed with the right motivation and encouragement where parents and educators should further act as a constant guide in the children’s educational journey. Having said that, we have listed a few tips and proven strategies that educators of parents can follow to help students and their children become better learners and performers.   

Reading Truly Helps

Developing a habit of reading is crucial for students. While the benefits may be not visible instantly but engaging in such a practice will help students grow a greater love for learning. They will further develop better cognitive abilities, strong vocabulary and creative writing skills. Various reading goals along with reading activities should be organised.

Help Them Adopt The Right Learning Style

Since each student has their own preferences and learning styles, it is imperative for teachers or even parents to identify the right techniques which students can follow and that will be suitable for them. Techniques like verbal, visual, auditory, verbal, amongst others can be adopted. Identifying these methods and using them will help students harbour better learning capabilities. Use of formats like animations, quizzes and other interactive games based on the lesson can further allow students to learn in a fun manner. For example, if students have to learn difficult topics like Cannizzaro reaction in chemistry, then these methods will prove to be more effective than just dictating class notes.

Help Them Learn For A Real World Perspective

When we talk about learning it does not only happen inside the four walls of the school. Students should not only be taught to understand concepts from a real-world perspective but develop logical reasoning as well as problem-solving skills. Doing this will further help them understand the topics clearly by connecting them with their life.

Show Them The Right Study Resources

Both parents and educators should always focus on directing their children or students to the right study materials or resources. These might include websites like Wikipedia, some educational sites or even good reading material like NCERT books and others. Take, for instance, we live in the digital era today, and we have easy access to a lot of information at our fingertips. So if a science student wants to learn about valence bond theory, then they can be shown the right websites or even digital books that offer detailed information on the topic. This will seemingly make students smart and improve their learning.

Collaborative Learning Is Beneficial

Students should be given more opportunities to collaborate with others and study collectively. Engaging in such type of activity will significantly lead to hard discussions concept clarity, and students can come up with new ideas and insight. Learning further becomes progressive leading to better academic achievements and performances from each individual.

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