Online casinos are famous for a variety of betting and gambling game, and let players enjoy a wonderful playing experience from the comforts of their own home. These casinos are usually an online variant of the actual casinos and let players try out various types of games. Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack are possibly the 3 most popular games. Here are 5 online casino games that you must try.


This is among the fantastic online games to try, as per website like It is more social as compared to other casino games. It is a top pick for users who are new to online casinos.

Big Six

It works just like Wheel of Fortune and other wheel in game shows. In this game, the wheel is generally marked with various sections where players can place bets in roulette on like. The number showed on wheel also decides the money for winners is paid back.


This is one more game of random numbers, which can be defined as a mix of Bingo and Lottery. It is among the financially lucrative casino games. This game acts similar to a standard lottery in which players choose numbers from around 80 games. The winner is the player with maximum number of matches.


It is among the most popular dice games to be found on online casinos, as claimed by These were referred to originally as “Crabs”. There are two dices tossed and the roll’s outcome is what bets are placed on.

Slot Machines

The online slot machines operate in a similar manner as real-life machines. Often, these can be joined together and may lead to large prized funds. As compared to a few other types of casino games, these are 100% games of fortune and come with fixed odds.

Online Poker

These are very popular games, with variations like Omaha and Texas Hold-em being the most famous.

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