Life can be hard. With all the intense pressure the world puts on you to be perfect, seeing yourself in the best light isn’t always easy. Finding self-worth is a process that takes constant energy and resilience. Just remember that you are worthy of feeling loved and belonging. Give yourself breaks and something to be proud of about your work. You are a unique person with a special set of skills, so don’t let the world ever tell you differently. Here are a few ways you can work to boost your self-esteem on days when you are feeling low.    

Learn a New Skill

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut. You get up, you go to work, you come home and binge your favorite Netflix show. When we get stuck in the mundane, we start to feel low and unworthy. To help boost your self- esteem, consider picking up a new skill or hobby. Getting out of the house for classes at the dance center or learning to crochet might help give you a new sense of pride in your work and in yourself. Plus you might even discover something you’re really good at. Don’t let fear of trying something new or creating something different keep you from exploring those outlets. Enjoy the journey of learning something new.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

So much of self-worth has to come from within, but sometimes taking time on your outward appearance can be beneficial. If you feel as though you look good, you walk through the world in a different way. It is true that if you look good, you simply feel better. You’re more confident in meetings and casual conversations. For this reason, it is OK to treat yourself to something concrete to improve your mental health. Go ahead at get invisalign treatment if it’ll help you to smile more, or buy the expensive makeup if it makes you feel beautiful. Your self-worth can’t be completely dictated by your outward appearance, but don’t be ashamed if that makes you feel better.

Give Yourself a Break

Sometimes life gets so crazy busy that we forget to give ourselves the time and focus that we need to feel happy and healthy. You can boost your self-worth easily simply by giving yourself a break. Take some time off from work to enjoy a vacation to surf Hawaii or experience Florida’s Gulf Coast. Or if a big vacation isn’t in the cards for your time or budget, find a lower-key way to treat yourself. Spend a weekend in a cozy bed and breakfast. Take a day to explore antique shops or a farmers market. Go out and get that massage or take the afternoon off of work to spend some extra time with your family. When you know and recognize that you are worth pampering, you’ll start to feel better and better about yourself.   

You’re Doing the Best You Can

In a lot of ways, improving your self-esteem is a mental game. You can distract yourself with exercise classes or pamper your body with face masks and bath bombs, but the truest way to feel your best is to believe you’re worthy of it. Self-worth is something everyone struggles with, and if you’re embarking on a journey to improve yourself, you’re halfway there. Recognize that whatever steps you are taking are positive. Give yourself constant reassurance and positive affirmations. This journey might not be easy, but you’re doing it. Take pride in that and enjoy the struggle. Chances are you’ll end up better for it in the end.  

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